Jan Barboglio

Set of 6 Votives


Set of 6 mouthblown glass votives for: 4232 Carmonita, 1909 1-Step Firedance, 4236 6-Step Firedance, 4237 12-Step Firedance, 4244 Cana D' Candela, 4667 Paloma Candelabra, 4245 El Riel Redondo D' Mesa 

Not available individually.  

Never leave a lit flame unattended, or allow the candle to burn too low, as the glass can become hot and break. We suggest placing a small amount of water, sand or salt below your candle to serve as a heat barrier, if you plan to light for an extended time. Please note that due to the handmade nature of this item, the size and thickness of each glass votive may vary. 

Care instructions: Hand wash glass vessel.

Product Number : GDL4128-6

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