Dive into the world of soft elegance and romantic hues with Consuela's Pink Felt Alphabet Charms. Tailored for the gentle soul, these charms resonate with tender memories and whispered stories. Seamlessly blending fashion with sentiment, every piece is a gentle reminder of life's delicate moments.


  • Soft & Subtle Aesthetic: Delicate pink felt punctuated with bursts of playful colors creates an alluring visual contrast.
  • Made for Consuela: Enhance your beloved Consuela products with a touch of dreamy romanticism.
  • Express Your Story: Every letter offers a unique narrative. What's yours?
  • Unparalleled Craftsmanship: Designed with love, for those who cherish every moment.

Add a touch of grace to your ensemble. Let the Pink Felt Alphabet Charms be a poetic expression of your inner muse.

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