Ignite your ensemble with the fiery passion of Consuela's Orange Felt Alphabet Charms. These charms, saturated with vibrant hues, are a perfect match for those who embrace life's bold adventures. Crafted with precision, each piece is a testament to Consuela's dedication to lively, spirited fashion.


  • Radiant Aesthetic: A vivacious orange backdrop is adorned with intricate, colorful details, embodying the essence of a sunlit horizon.
  • Tailored for Consuela: Elevate your favorite Consuela bags with a pop of color and personality.
  • Versatile Personalization: From A to Z, choose your charm and express yourself.
  • Stellar Craftsmanship: Every charm is crafted to perfection, ensuring longevity and style.

Elevate your everyday with these charms that don't just accessorize but also tell a story of vibrancy and joy.

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